Warm Salty Sock Remedy To Get Rid Of An Earache In Minutes

Salt is just a spice that gives flavor to food, and who would’ve thought that this common spice can get you rid of that extremely painful ear ache in a few minutes. Well, mom thought about this, and she decided to sleep last night when my little brother was crying of this unbearable ear ache. Of course, today she went to see a doctor, because salt will relieve the pain for the moment, and the cause should be seen by a doctor. And guess what the doctor told her…that this salt remedy is the best way to get rid of an earache, instead of taking painkillers.

So, follow the below steps to get this remedy:

You need:

– a mug of sea salt
– 1 cotton sock

How to proceed?

Put a small frying pan on the heat for 4-6 minutes. Make sure that the frying pan is well heated (for that you need to rotate it every 1 minute).

Meanwhile put the salt inside the sock, and tie the sock at one end, and then put it on the heated frying pan. Let it stand on medium heat for 5-6 minutes by turning it on each side. But don’t let it heat too much.
Now put the heated sock over the affected ear, and in a few minutes you will feel much better.

You should keep in mind that this remedy will get you rid of the pain for the moment, and you have to see a doctor.

Image Credits: Mommypotmaus

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