This Super Simple Salt Remedy Helped Me To Get Rid Of Arm Acne For Good

If you avoid sleeveless shirts and dresses, or you cover your arms when you are the beach, you might be dealing with arm acne, like I am! I know the struggle because 3 years in a row I tried to get rid of a horrible arm acne, seeing a lot of dermatologists, and trying a lot of treatments with no effect. Until I said: I should try some natural alternatives to those medicines. And it worked!

The cause of arm acne is more aesthetic than being a danger for health. Often, those small red irritations occur as a result of hormonal changes through which adolescents go through puberty, and may have prolonged effects until maturity.

But this salty water helped me to get rid of arm acne. I noticed that every time I was going to the beach, my acne started to fade. And I said to myself, why not try this every time I shower? And the results send me to my favorite clothing store to purchase a sleeveless black dress.

Salt water

Salt is an ingredient that helps reduce the excess sebum accumulated in various areas of the skin.


– Half a cup of salt (125 grams)
– Hot water (enough for your body to bare)

How to prepare

You may put the salt in a small basin along with the hot water, and keep your arms in it for 10 minutes. Remember, the water must be hot to open the pores, thus facilitating the removal of sebum deposits.

Or, you can fill your tub with water, and add 500-1000 grams of sea salt in it. And now it’s time to relax in the tub, and arm acne will disappear.

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