The Cabbage Soup Diet To Lose Weight! Advantages and disadvanatges

Cabbage diet is one of the most popular diets in the world. Why is this diet so effective and which are the steps you should follow to get rid of those extra pounds? Well, below you’ll have the step-by-step cabbage diet to lose weight the healthy way.

What does this cabbage diet promises?
Some people boast that they managed to get rid of more 11 pounds in one week, for others took longer. All depends on your body and how fast you burn calories. The thing isn’t to lose weight quickly and get sick afterwards, but to lose weight the healthy way, and never get fat again.

But, before buying cabbage for a week or more, you have to know the efficiency of this diet and if it provides the right nutrients for your body.

Rules for cabbage diet!
As the name indicates, this diet is based on cabbage. Cabbage will be consumed as cabbage soup, 2-3 times a day in addition to regular meals.

First day: beside cabbage soup you are allowed to consume fruits (except bananas).
Second day: you are allowed to consume vegetables (especially leafy greens).
Third day: eat fruits and vegetable.
Fourth day: consume bananas and low fat milk.
Fifth day: you are allowed to eat beef and tomatoes.
Sixth day: you are allowed to eat beef again and vegetables.
Seventh day: you can eat brown rice, fresh fruit juices and vegetables.

There are various recipes to cook cabbage soup for this diet. Most of them contain tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms and onions.

Advantages of cabbage soup diet
-it’s cheap
– is low in fats
-it’s easy to prepare
-treats constipation
-it’s hearty

How effective is cabbage diet?
Although it is one of the easiest diets and can help you to lose weight quickly, if you keep it on long term it won’t be effective. It doesn’t provide all the nutrients your body needs.

1000 calories a day (that are eaten in this diet) aren’t enough for a balanced diet that must contain 2000 calories.

The main disadvantage is the yo-yo effect. After this diet you might lose weight, but if you don’t follow the exact rules of this diet afterwards, you gain fat again.

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