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Avocado And Banana Remedy To Treat Cracked Heels

Harsh and cracked heels are painful and it’s a common problem among ladies and gentlemen. There are plenty of TV commercials that promise quick heel healing, but they often don’t work. The main causes of cracked heels are the inadequate footwear, especially summer footwear, incorrect hygiene and lack of vitamins and minerals. Well, now you can treat this affection easily, …

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How to treat cracked heels with milk and baking soda

Rough or cracked heels are a common problem that many people face. If your heel’s skin is rough, this isn’t just an aesthetics matter, it may indicate a health problem, which highlights some deficiencies of minerals and vitamins in the body. Milk and baking soda mixture can do wonders for your heels. This mixture softens the skin and smooths your …

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