What does your nose shape say about your personality

Did you know that the nose offers information about your personality? Whether it is straight or wavy, large or small, analyze yourself in the mirror and see what he says about you.

Big nose

The nose is considered big when it is disproportionate to the rest of the face. This type of nose has large nostrils and tips. Those who have big noses are ambitious people, who like to be in leadership positions. Therefore they are independent, self confident and they love challenges.

Small nose

This type of nose is small in length and width. The tip is neither round nor sharp. Those who have small noses are very sensitive, creative, spontaneous and entertaining. Although they have small nose, they have a big heart, making them happy when helping others. For this reason, you can count on them in any situation.

Long nose

People who have long noses are determined. They like action, they do sports and they travel a lot. Their dynamic nature requires freedom, movement and space. They like to be always busy, which is why they are also very efficient. People with long noses are intuitive and are born to be leaders.

Short nose

People who have short noses are sensitive and loyal, but sometimes tend to be reserved and shy.

Grecian nose

This type of nose is sharp and has narrow nostrils. People with this type of nose are very smart, optimistic, skillful, calm, romantic. Because they are disciplined and they are always looking for success, they are very good leaders.

Roman nose

This type of nose is long, with a small protrusion at the base and a soft curved tip. Historically speaking, people of noble origin had Roman nose, for example Margaret Thatcher, Princess Diana and Cleopatra. Roman nose symbolizes authority and courage, and people with this type of nose are determined and zealous.

Hooked nose

As the name suggests, a hooked nose look like a beak. It ends up on a downward curve. It is common in Italian and Jewish people. People with a hooked nose follow their own path, they are enthusiastic, charismatic, ambitious, organized and efficient.

Nubian nose

This type of nose is flat with wide nostrils. People with this type of nose are open-minded and curious, expressive, creative and charismatic.

Wavy nose

This type of nose is small and round, pointing up. People with this type of nose are creative and smart. When it comes on taking decisions, they rely on instincts.

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