Non-Invasive Ways To Remove Warts Safe And Sound

A lot of people have warts, and they can be painful sometimes. And even more painful if your try to cauterize them. Even if this is the easiest method to get rid of warts quickly, I can say that it’s quite painful. Or you may choose getting rid of warts the natural way. I have this tip from my grandma because she used to treat my grandpa’s warts this way, and I can assure you that it works. The single inconvenience is that natural remedies won’t remove warts in the blink of an eye, and you just have to be patience.

If you don’t know how warts look like, you should know that they are some skin non-cancerous excrescences produced by HPV infection. Warts are not dangerous, but can be considered unsightly. But they are contagious and can disappear by themselves sometimes or you can remove them with certain methods, as it follows:

Apple cider vinegar
Everyone should have a bottle of apple cider vinegar in their pantry. Just soak a cotton pad in apple cider vinegar, and apply it on the wart twice a day, in the morning and evening. Use duct tape or a bandage to tie the cotton pas, and let it act until the vinegar dries. When you apply it in the evening, let it act overnight.

Lemon juice
Another “acidic way” to get rid of warts! You need one lemon, squeeze its juice, soak a piece of cotton wool in it, and apply it on the wart. Let it act for 20 minutes. Repeat this procedure twice a day.

This natural antibiotic should be introduced daily in your dishes. Just to prevent any diseases for appearing. But, to get rid of warts, you just have to crush well a garlic clove until you get a garlic paste. Apply the paste on the wart, and let it act for 1-2 hours, daily. Repeat this procedure until the wart disappears.

Warning! To get rid of warts you have to apply only one of the above remedies per day. Otherwise you may risk burning your skin.

Image Credits: Wartshpv

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