Milk Therapy To Get Rid Of A Eye Stye Quickly

An eye stye is extremely painful, except that is very unsightly. Is not an affection that you have to be worried of, because it will heal in 10 days without using any medication! But who would want to stay with a big bump on their eye for 10 days? From the first symptoms, if you don’t want to have a big eye, you have to intervene. And the following remedy is the best and safe way to get rid of a stye very fast.

Milk to get rid of an eye stye

You need:

– a cup of milk
– a piece of sterile cotton wool

Just warm a bit the milk and soak the cotton wool in it. Apply it on the eye several times, and repeat the procedure until the milk in the cup cools down. Then, just rinse your face with lukewarm water.

Be careful!

– don’t put hot milk in your eyes because it may affect your eyesight
– before applying this remedy you have to make sure that your face and hands are clean, because you risk getting an even worst infection.

Image Credits: Balancemebeautiful

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