Why You Should Keep Lemon Slices On Your Nightstand?

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It might sound awkward and certainly you wouldn’t guess why you should keep on your nightstand lemon slices. First of all you should know that it’s a simple ritual for your health. Lemons contain an essential oil called limonene, and its aroma has beneficial effects in soothing respiratory disorders, allergies and is very useful for colds. To benefit of lemons essential oil you should keep it on your nightstand.

Below you’ll find a list of affections that you can get rid of if you keep lemon slices on your nightstand.

Reduces anxiety and stress
Due to the relaxing effect of limonene, certain receptors in the cell membranes will activate. If these receptors aren’t activated, insomnia, anxiety and stress will appear.

Soothes asthma symptoms
Limonene has a beneficial effect for those who suffer from asthma.
It reduces respiratory tract inflammation, preventing asthma symptoms to appear.

It prevents breast and liver tumors
Inhaled limonene brings a lot of benefits for your health by preventing breast and liver tumors to develop. It increases the concentration of calcium and vitamin C in these cells making limonene the tumors enemy.

Lowers blood pressure
The lemon smell has a relaxing effect over the body and is very useful for those who suffer from hypertension.
In addition, except the health benefits lemon has, is a pleasant and natural air freshener!

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