How To Use Cabbage Leaves To Get Rid Of That Painful Sore Throat

Those annoying sores in the throat may indicate a cold or affections of vocal chords, and all that you want to do is to get rid of this unpleasant painful sensation. And someone told me that the fastest way to get rid of sore throat is to run to the pharmacy and buy some medicines. I replied, that the fastest way to get rid of this affection is to take 1 tablespoon of honey/3 times a day, accompanied with the following remedy:

You need:

– 2-3 cabbage leaves
– hot water or oil

The remedy is pretty simple. You have to boil 500 ml of water, and then soak the cabbage leaves in it. Let the cabbage leaves to stay for 5 minutes, remove them, and put them around your neck. Cover the leaves with a towel or scarf, and leave the cabbage leaves to do the work.

It’s indicated to do this process in the evening and let it act overnight. You will see that after removing the cabbage leaves you will feel much better.

Another option is to apply oil over the cabbage leaves instead of soaking them in hot water, and then apply them on the neck. Is has the same curing effect.

Image Credits: Beautytips4her

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