How To Remove Ingrown Hair Without Surgery

No matter which hair removal method you use, at some point you’ll face with ingrown hair. Those small hair threads that grow under the skin can appear as small blackheads, and sometimes they can become reddish because the area may get infected. To prevent ingrown hair or to get rid of it, use the following methods to get smooth skin after hair removal.

Use an exfoliating gel every time you are showering or just use coffee grounds to exfoliate the affected area. This way you’ll remove dead skin cells and the hair stuck under the skin will get out. You have to rub gently when you’re exfoliating your skin not to irritate it!

The visible hair threads can be removed with your fingers or with a tweezers. Another option is to squeeze gently the area where ingrown hair is, and then to apply rubbing alcohol not to get infected.

Or exfoliate daily the skin for 2-3 weeks, and don’t remove the hair on this period. This way the ingrown hair will find its way to surface, and you can remove it with your favorite removal method.

But to prevent the appearance of ingrown hair, it is advisable to prepare your skin for removing the hair. No matter which hair removal method you use, it’s indicated to prepare your skin for it. So, start with a warm bath because it will open your pores and it will be easier to remove the hair.

If you still have ingrown hair, you should try to use another hair removal technique.

Image Credits: Allure and Howtogetridofthat

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