How To Get Rid Of Tonsil Stones Without Gagging

Tonsils stones are small calcium deposits that are located between the “cracks” of these small organs. They are not painful but it’s the main cause for a bad breath.

Symptoms of tonsil stones
When these stones are small, there are no signs, but when they are bigger, symptoms may appear:
– sore throat
– red and inflamed tonsils
– the feeling that something is stuck in your throat
– ear pain
– difficulty in breathing
– difficulty in swallowing
– bad breath

In some cases, these stones are visible on the tonsils as white spots.

Natural remedies to get rid of tonsils stones

Gargle with salty water
This saline solution kills a big part of bacteria. You can introduce salt water gargling in your daily routine. It’s great for your oral health and you can prevent the development of tonsil stones.
Chew garlic cloves a few times a day to remove natural and efficient tonsil stones. In addition, garlic will combat any oral bacteria that contribute in tonsil stones appearance.
Lemon juice
Contains vitamin C very helpful in removing tonsil stones. Mix several tablespoons of lemon juice with a cup of warm water and drink slowly. You can add a little salt in the lemon water.
Gargling with apple vinegar
This vinegar contains acid that will help to eliminate tonsil stones. Mix 1 part of apple cider vinegar with 2 parts water and gargle with this solution 2 times a day.
Essential oils
Essential oils, such as myrrh, lemongrass and thyme, have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties and are very beneficial in getting rid of tonsil stones. It’s a good idea to add 2-3 drops of this oil on your toothbrush while brushing your teeth. You could also spray these essential oils directly onto your tonsils.
While eating carrots or other hard vegetables such as celery, a large amount of saliva is created which helps to destroy bacteria.

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