How to get rid of gastritis crisis in a few minutes

Gastritis, gastroesophageal reflux and increased stomach acidity can make our life a living hell. Unbearable pain, heartburn and bloating, nausea and other digestive symptoms, all of these diseases can be reduced. See how to quickly get rid of a gastritis crisis with natural remedies.

Coconut milk and coconut pulp generally helps soothe the upset stomach and reduce the burning feeling. In addition, minerals and vitamins inside coconut milk relax the stomach and reduce the production of gastric juices.

Boiled rice
If you have a severe gastritis crisis caused by stress, by acidic or too alkaline food, alcohol, spices, etc., consume at least one cup of boiled rice. Boiled rice acts as a burn killer, soothes the stomach, discomfort and bloating that occurs in these cases.

Herb teas
Peppermint, marigold, licorice, acacia flowers, raspberry leaves, horsetail and camomile infusion type tea helps a lot in this problem. They all have calming and relaxing properties and they dilute stomach acid, reducing pain and malaise.

Ginger and exotic fruits
Papaya, pineapple, coconut and ginger have calming, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory effects.

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