How To Get Rid Of Bruises Quickly With Natural Remedies

Bruises are part of our lives. Most common bruises appear on our legs. Sometimes, before dressing in shorts or skirt, we would like to make them disappear like magic.

These “good behavior” signs are actually small blood vessels that break under the skin. Blood reaches the surrounding tissues and causes those painful blue / purple and black spots. These signs appear within minutes from impact, but it takes a few weeks to heal.

But there are some natural remedies that can get you rid of bruises quickly.

Crush a handful of parsley in a grinding mortar until it forms a paste. Apply the paste directly on the bruise then apply a bandage. Change the bandage every 2 hours, and by the end of the day the bruise will heal. Parsley helps in treating inflammations and prevents clot formation.

Onions have anti-inflammatory effects, heal the skin and reduce pain. Apply the juice from onion directly on the bruise and leave the skin to absorb this healing natural liquid.

Vinegar and water
A simple solution prepared from 2 parts hot water and one part vinegar will banish bruises instantly. Apply this solution before you’ve hurt yourself (before bruise start to install), and the bruise won’t appear. Vinegar has the ability to make blood dissipate from the area where it tends to gather. But of the bruise already appeared, just apply compressed with this solution every hour to get rid of the bruise.

Image Credits: Lethow

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