How To Get Long, Strong And Full Of Volume Eyelashes

Eyelashes can change completely your look! Who doesn’t want long and curly eyelashes!? Long and full of volume eyelashes are the perfect make-up any woman can wear. And you may say that is impossible to achieve, except if you add extension or other “fake methods”, but that is not true. I found a method and it’s really working. You should see me how I blink like Betty Boop !

Over time, we lose our hair, and eyelashes make no exception. But to avoid this, you can try a trick that will save your beautiful lashes, making them strong and long!

You need:

– Vaseline – you can find it in drugstores
– a clean mascara brush

Use the mascara brush to apply the Vaseline uniformly all over the lashes. Let it act overnight, and in the morning wash your face with cold water, and then lukewarm water. This method should be used every evening, before bedtime for 30 days.

Treat gently your eyelashes!

Image Credits: Quora

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