How To Fall Asleep In 1 Minute With The 4-7-8 Method?

If you have trouble sleeping and not even counting sheep or drinking a glass of warm milk with honey helps, then you should try this new technique to fell asleep in a minute.

The method is called 4-7-8 and is based on pranayama – yoga. Certain breathing exercises can adjust the amount of oxygen in the body. Besides the fact that this technique can help you fall asleep faster it helps you to regulate blood pressure. It also works in the panic attacks.

Method 4-7-8 – How you can do it?
You start by leading the tongue tip behind the upper teeth and try to stick it further on your palate. Breathe through your nose and count silently as One Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi, four Mississippi. After this, hold your breath for seven seconds. Expire through your mouth silently counting to eight Mississippi. Control the air pressure and speed with your tongue. Repeat this process four times.

Easy breathing helps better oxygenation and because you hold your breath, the oxygen will get directly into your blood. Controlled expiration helps to complete removal of carbon dioxide from the lungs. This results in a calming effect which helps you sleep.

This technique can be used both in the morning and evening. After eight weeks, you can increase the frequency from 4 to 8 inhalations. You will feel the beneficial effects, sleep will come soon and its quality will be enhanced.

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