Homeopathic Treatment To Get Rid Of Intestinal Parasites

We are all exposed to all sorts of parasite organisms being present in the food we eat and in the drinks we drink. Because of them we can face all sorts of health problems, which is why parasites should be removed as soon as possible. Thank God that I was careful and took my child to a doctor, because he had intestinal worms. And the doctor I see is against chemicals and pills, saying that there are other ways to treat a disease. Of course, if the diseases doesn’t need special care, and internal parasites can be removed without drugs. So, he told me to use this remedy because it has remarkable effects. And he was right! My son is back on his feet again!


– 2 tablespoons of honey
– American walnut shell extract (the layer above the shell that protects the core and which can be obtained when the walnut is picked directly from the tree.) Attention: the bark must be blackened, if is green it hasn’t strong effects.
– 200 milligrams of wormwood
– 500 milligrams of crushed cloves

How to prepare it
Dissolve the black walnut extract into 500 grams of boiling water, and then mix it with the wormwood and clove powder.

How does it work?
This tea does real wonders inside your body, removing all kind of parasite from your intestines, due to the ingredients it contains. One of the most important roles is played by sesquiterpene lactones, a substance that is found in a very high dose in wormwood, and which has the role of killing parasites. The protective membranes of the parasites are destroyed by this substance found in the wormwood composition.

The walnut bark is excellent for parasite removal, because it stimulates digestion. This way, parasites will be removed

But these 2 substances aren’t strong enough to kill parasite eggs. This is the job for cloves.
So, if you face with this condition, try this natural way in getting rid of internal parasites.

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