Homemade Natural Shampoo! How To Prepare Natural Shampoo In 5 Minutes?

Because hair is one of the most precious treasures of a woman, you shouldn’t use poor quality hair products, because this will be instantly seen on your tresses. Sometimes it’s better to spend your money on natural ingredients to prepare your own shampoo at home rather than spending money on expensive products full of chemicals. Think that your hair is already suffering because of repetitive dyeing, regularly use of hair straightener and curling iron.

Below you’ll find how to prepare your own natural shampoo in 5 minutes:

– 50 ml of coconut milk;
– 60 ml of Castille liquid soap, purchased in a store with organic products;
– 20 drops of essential oils (mint, rosemary, orange, etc.);
– 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil or almond oil, if you have dry hair

Method of preparation:
1. Mix all ingredients in an empty shampoo bottle or in a jar. You can also use a liquid soap dispenser. You have to use the shampoo no longer than a month, because it expires.
2. Close the container and shake it well, so as to mix all ingredients.
3. Use for each shampooing 1 teaspoon from your natural shampoo, and shampoo your hair twice. It’s enough for your hair to benefit from the amazing effects of this natural shampoo.

Did you ever think that it was so easy to prepare your natural shampoo? I’m sure that you’ll fall in love with this shampoo when you’ll see that its natural ingredients won’t harm your hair.

Image Credits: Bestremedies

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