Homemade Honey And Flour Wraps To Get Rid Of Cough And Its Symptoms

During the cold season, cough appears and along with it, there are several aches: chest ache, headache, throat ache, and so on.

Cough usually occurs after a cold caused by viral or respiratory infection, but can also be caused by allergies.
There are many medicines in getting rid of cold, but why poisoning your body with all sort of pharmaceutical “remedies” when you can try something natural. That was the way my grandma took care of me when I was feeling sick: with natural remedies. And the best way to get rid of cough, especially in babies, are those honey wraps, which turn out in being very effective in treating respiratory infections.

How to make homemade wraps

You need:

– 2 tablespoons of honey
– 1 tablespoon of flour
– 1 tablespoon of oil
– a piece of gauze
– 1 paper towel
– duct tape

How to prepare?
Mix the flour with a small amount of honey, to get a composition that won’t stick to your hands. Then add the vegetable oil and put more flour. You have to obtain a paste, put it on the paper towel, and then wrap it the piece of gauze.

How to use?
Take the duct tape to stick this homemade patch on the chest or back, and stay in bed under the blanket. Apply this treatment in the evening and let it work for 2-3 hours. Be careful not to put this homemade patch in the heart area.

The moment you start the treatment, you will sweat a lot, and there are chances to change the sheets. The honey patch has anti-inflammatory effects and heats you up. It’s best to use it from the first day of the disease to avoid the complications.
Apply this remedy 3 days in a row.

Honey and flour wraps can also be used by children older than 6 months, but they shouldn’t have any skin disease or allergies. It’s not recommended to use this natural treatment if you have a fever.

Image Credits: Treat-simply

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