Homemade Hand Cream To Get Rid Of Cracked Hands

Baby oil is a very good moisturizer. It nourishes baby’s skin in depth, leaving it soft and smooth. Then, why not use it for dry or cracked hands? Apply it on your hands by massaging lightly, then put on rubber gloves and let it work overnight. In the morning, wash your hands well and use regular cream.

Olive oil, rich in oleic acid, nourishes the skin deeply treating cracked hands.
If you prepare a hand mask containing olive oil, honey and essential lemon oil will also have an anti-age effect for the skin.

So mix an egg yolk with a spoon of olive oil, a spoonful of honey and 2 drops of essential lemon oil. Apply this cream on your hands once or twice a month. Leave it to act for 20 minutes, and then wash your hands with warm water.

Image Credits: Skincare.lovetoknow and Wellordie

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