Homemade Hair Dye To Cover Gray Hair

Would you love to have long and shiny hair like in those T.V. commercials? Yeah, me too! But, the situation is different for a lot of us, and beside that the hair is not so shiny and strong, after a certain age, gray hair show up. This is a sign of wisdom, or at least that’s what yielders say!

If gray hair starts to appear when you’re 50, it’s not such a big problem, but what do you do when it appears in your 30’s? Cry, this is the first sign, because you start thinking that you are old. Or, you may want to rise up, and try my remedy in covering gray hair. I gave up in spending money on hair dye, because you have to dye your hair every 2 weeks, and this may cause a black hole in your budget. It’s too often, and gray hair threads are too many!

That’s why the following red onion recipe, perfect in covering gray hair treads, is the best on a budget hair dye!

Red onion juice for gray hair

You need:

– 2-4 red onions
– 1 tablespoon of honey

Just peel and squeeze the onions to obtain their juice. Add in the onion juice the tablespoon of honey, and stir well to dissolve the honey.
Use this juice as a mask, by applying on your hair with a hair dye brush. Then massage the scalp gently, and let this mixture act for 15 to 30 minutes.
If the smell doesn’t bother you, you may let it act for 1 hour.
After the time has passed, wash your hair like usual, with your regular shampoo.

Tip: it’s necessary to apply this treatment 3 times a month for visible effects.

Thus, onion juice fortifies the hair, opens the hair follicles and prevents scalp infection. I read on a website that those who implemented this method said that the results were visible after just one month.

The red onion method is, apparently, very effective, and even Hollywood actresses use this natural hair dye. In addition, studies show that red onions prevent hair loss by up to 87 percent. So, it’s worth trying!

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