Homemade Antibiotic To Get Rid Of Urinary Tract Infections

Urinary tract infection is one of the most common health condition, every woman confronts at least once in her life. The great news of this painful situation is that it can be treated with natural remedies. So, try the following natural drink, tremendous effective to get rid of UTI.

– ½ cup of cranberry
– ½ lemon without peel
– 2 cups of melon without seeds
– A cup ½ of blueberries

Method of preparation
Mix all the ingredients in the blender and consume the juice obtained three times a day. Cranberries in this juice increase urine acidity, making it an unsuitable environment for E. coli bacteria. Melon is also effective, which soothes the symptoms of infection.

How to prevent urinary infection
You can prevent urinary infections by adopting some daily habits. Drink plenty of water, wipe with toilet paper from front to back, empty your bladder after each sexual intercourse and don’t use products that irritate your genitals.

Image Credits: Readersdigest and Hemmets

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