Drink This During The Day To Get Rid Of Constipation and Abdominal Cramps

This starchy vegetable has many health benefits, being very effective in losing weight, too. But to get rid of constipation, makes potatoes one of the best remedies to relieve abdominal cramps. There are various myths about potatoes that they kill you, and other little lies. Fresh potatoes are a real ray of light for your health. On the other hand, you have to avoid germinated potatoes, because these, indeed, are dangerous for your health. So, this cure for constipation is very effective and will put you back on your feet in no time.

Potato remedy for constipation

You have to prepare 500 ml of potato juice. Peel the potatoes, cut them in half and put them in a juicer. You have to consume it throughout the day, with small sips. Before swallowing the juice, held it in your mouth as much as you can. The juice must be kept in the refrigerator throughout the day.

Also, potato juice can relieve stomach pain, gastritis and ulcers.

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