Blow All Infections Away With Horseradish Tincture Or Syrup

Horseradish can be successfully used in the fight against cold symptoms. And it’s not a natural prevention method it’s also indicated when you already caught a cold, because it has the ability to bring you back onto your feet quickly. Horseradish has amazing curative powers and you can easily use it if you’re dealing with colds, sinusitis, asthma, chronic bronchitis or infections of the respiratory tract.

For internal use is recommended horseradish syrup.

You need:
-1 horseradish root
-4 tablespoons of honey

How to prepare?
You have to grate the horseradish root and mix it with honey. Leave it to soak for 1 day then strain through gauze to obtain raw syrup. Put the horseradish remaining to boil in a pot with water (enough to cover them). After boiling strain again through gauze by pressing, let the liquid to cool then mix it with the raw syrup.

Administration method: to get rid of the above disorders you have to take 3 tablespoons daily until the symptoms are gone.

But to get rid of cough, common cold or flu, prepare a horseradish tincture.

You need:
-2 big horseradish roots
-vodka (or any other white alcohol)

How to prepare?
Grate the horseradish roots until you fill 1/3 of a jar then add over the alcohol. Leave it to soak for 8 days in a dark place by shaking it once a day. After 8 days, strain the mixture thorough gauze pressing over the grated horseradish. Keep the tincture in a dark container and store it in your pantry.

Administration method: you have to take half a teaspoon 3-4 times a day until the symptoms disappear.

Other indications: is an adjunctive treatment in anemia, anorexia, symptomatic treatment of UTI, digestive disorders and gastritis.

Image Credits: Creamerchronicles

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