Best Natural Remedy to Get Rid Of Pinworms In Babies And Adults

Pinworms are very dangerous for your health, because once they are present in your intestines the signs will appear over your body. You’ll lose weight no matter how much you eat, headaches will appear, you’ll have abdominal and bones pain and also your sight will be affected.

Sometimes you can try all sorts of treatments but without any desirable results. What can I say and confirm, because it was tested on me, is that the following treatment really works. I had pinworms and I was feeling very sick, I was losing weight, although I was already skinny…my general health was getting worse. And my grandmother actually helped me and gave me this natural treatment based on pumpkin seeds.

How does it work?
Pumpkin seeds have the broadest spectrum in killing internal parasites. And the secret lies in that green skim that wraps the RAW pumpkin seeds because it contains a substance that annihilate parasites. Also, thyme tea is a gentle laxative that helps you to “get out” those bemused pinworms. If you follow a few rules of hygiene and nutrition, you’ll get rid of them and all their unpleasant and toxic effects without affecting the liver and without ingesting chemicals.

This treatment is for 3 weeks per month and you have to hold it for 4 months. Once you were infected with parasites they can reappear, so you must repeat this treatment annually.

How to use this treatment?
You have to eat every hour from dinner until bedtime 15 raw pumpkin seeds (for children between 2-5 years), 30 raw pumpkin seeds (for children between 5-10 years) and 50 seeds (for 10 years and adults) chewed very well. The seeds must be raw and green. For young children, the seeds will be chopped finely with a knife. After you’ve eaten the seeds you have to drink a cup of thyme tea infusion.

Useful information:
-hygiene must be very strict (wash your underwear at high-temperature in the washing machine, and wash your hands before every meal)
– is a must to eat raw seeds with whole green skim (the skim has anti-pinworms effect)
-seeds must be peeled off only shortly before being eaten. The seeds already peeled off (sold in stores) are not appropriate for this disease
-if you develop stomach pain (and not only) it helps a belly massage in clockwise circular movements (it facilitates the elimination of parasites)
-you are not allowed to eat cow dairy products while you are having this treatment (they create mucus and parasites are wrapped in mucus, minding their own business, and the treatment effect decreases)
-also you are not allowed to eat sweets
-for guaranteed results you have to start this natural treatment when the moon is decreasing, because this period favors the elimination of parasites
If you don’t follow the above instructions don’t start this treatment because you’ll crunch the seeds and blunt your teeth in vain.

Image Credits: Onhealth

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