Accept Your Clumsiness And Try To Get Rid Of Bruises In A Couple Of Hours

Those bruises are e real damage for your legs, and not only! I often bruise my legs at the desk…I don’t know how I do it, but I succeed in getting the perfect black bruise on my knee or tibia. I should be more careful, but I’m always in a hurry! The awful part of this is when I have an important meeting in a few hours, and I honestly tell you, they are very unaesthetic and people stare, thinking that I might be beaten or simply, fell because of clumsiness.

The truth is that I found a quick way to get rid of those bruises and accepting my so called clumsiness.
So, if you just read about yourself between these lines, try the following trick and bruises will be gone in a short time, not weeks.

The secret lay in parsley

Just go to the market and buy a parley bush. Put it in a mortar (I have one at work), crush well the parsley leaves, and then apply the resulting paste on the bruise. The thing is that you have to cover the paste with a bandage or duct tape, anything that is handy. After a couple of hours remove the bandage, and the bruise should fade. Repeat the procedure immediately!

The great thing about parsley is that it treats inflammations and prevents clotting. If you apply immediately the bruise won’t even have time to appear.

I hope this article was useful for you!

Image Credits: Divertimenti

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