6 Magical Remedies To Get Rid Of A Terrible Hangover In 6 Minutes

When you are a party fellow it’s better to be informed and to know about all solutions in case of all kinds of excesses. It is said that alcohol brings you a lot of funny memories, but what do you do when you wake up the next day with a terrible hangover? The chances to remember something are very low, and this way you’ll ruin the entire day staying in bed with a terrible headache. Not to mention that you’ll lose magic moments with your beloved ones. But here are some efficient natural remedies to get rid of a headache quickly, so you can enjoy your day!

1. Honey and lemon
Maybe you are used in using these 2 remedies to cure sore throat or hoarseness, without knowing that they are extremely good for hangovers. Boil a cup of water and these 2 ingredients because it will help your body to process alcohol quickly.

2. Bananas
When you are drinking alcohol, the need to go to the toilet is very intense, meaning that your body is dehydrating. Bananas are rich in potassium keeping nausea and other hangover symptoms away.

3. Lemon Juice
Sodas containing yellow or green lemon are the key to get rid of a terrible hangover, because they help your body to process alcohol quickly.
But if you drink a glass of fresh lemon or lime juice (you can add some honey to sweet it a bit) you will reduce the hangover period and you’ll feel like new in no time.

4. A hearty breakfast
You have to eat a “fat” menu, like a slice of ham with an omelet or any other fatty foods to remove alcohol quickly from your body. But you can also try a hearty breakfast with easily digestible foods such as whole grains, to get rid of heartburn.

5. Drink plenty water
Dehydration is guilty for your hangover and that awful pain you have. Replace lost fluids with water and juices.

6. Ginger
Ginger is used since ancient times to combat nausea or seasickness, so it can be perfect to use to combat hangovers, too. Prepare a concentrated tea from ginger root and you can add also the juice from half a lemon. Add a teaspoon of honey over it to sweeten it then drink. Hangover symptoms will disappear and you’ll feel better quickly.

Another important tip is to take a hot shower. So, if you wake up with a terrible hangover, first drink plenty of water then eat a hearty breakfast. The drink plenty of fresh juices or ginger tea.

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