6 Causes of Bad Breath You’ve Never Thought About

Bad breath can be a bad companion in many situations. You know that certain foods such as garlic and onions can cause bad breath, but there are many other causes you’ve never thought about.

Here are six common causes of bad breath that people have no idea:

1. Medications

It’s not the drug that leads to bad breath, but one of its side effects. Most of the drugs dry the mouth, and a dry mouth without saliva emanates bad odor.

2. Respiratory tract infections

Diseases such as bronchitis, pneumonia, sinus infection can lead to bad breath. The main culprits are the secretions that flow between nose and mouth.

3. Mouth breathing

Applying the same principles as the ones mentioned in first paragraph, a dry mouth emanates bad odor. When you’re breathing through your mouth, the saliva evaporates and odors occur.

4. Obesity

A study revealed that overweight and obese people have a predisposition to bad breath. It seems that in the intestines of obese people there are certain microorganisms that remove gases that lead to bad breath.

5. No-carb diets

The fans of slimming diets know that carbohydrates are not allowed. Fat burning processes in the absence of carbohydrates release certain gases that reach the mouth and emanate bad odor. This type of odor can not be removed no matter how much you try.

6. An undetected disease

A persistent bad breath can be a warning sign of a disease you may have without knowing. For example, it may indicate a kidney problem or even diabetes. Even certain types of cancer lead to the release of gases that cause bad breath. Also, acid reflux leads to unpleasant odors.

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