What your standing position says about your health

Almost a quarter of the women in the world suffer daily because of back pain. Your standing position practically can prevent this nagging problem.

A recent study teaches women what standing position to adapt on the street in order to avoid this discomfort. There are four categories: spoon, bridge, leaning tower and straight back. In other words, the researchers explained what standing position you should use to get rid of back pain. All four examples are harmful to your health.

In the “leaning tower” category we encounter women who tend to bow their heads when they’re walking on the street, making them vulnerable to back pain.

The “bridge” is the second harmful position, followed by the “spoon”. The solution in these cases is very simple. We must educate the body to sit straight so that when we’re walking our spine to be always straight. With a bit of will, this exercise will become a reflex and back pain will disappear completely.

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